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If you've ever known the struggle of helping your kids with homework, then you know that we are expecting a lot from students (and, to a lesser degree, parents) in Louisiana Schools.  If you have ever stumbled across a subject that you don't entirely agree with, what did you do?  On one hand, your child will be graded on how well they know the assigned material.  On the other, your job as a guardian of their education compels you to speak up when you see something wrong with the curriculum.

If you've got an issue, now is the time to say something - and the top educator in the state is all ears.

According to The Center Square, the main issue concerning parents is the "potential inclusion of critical race theory (CRT) and related topics."  This highly controversial subject supposedly covers how racism in America has affected our people and the country as a whole.  The report from says that critics claim that the civil discourse CRT creates simply "pits people of color against white people."

Louisiana Superintendent of Education Cade Brumley announced yesterday that parents and interested residents had until Halloween to submit comments and concerns about the proposed Social Studies program for Kindergarten through 12th grade students.   If you have an issue with the way the new plan would teach our children about human civilization in Louisiana, it's kind of like: "Speak now, or forever hold your peace."

OK, so it's not forever, but you only have until October 31st to have your voice heard.  To see the proposed plan and submit your thoughts on the matter, you can visit the official Louisiana Department of Education here.

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