It can be a nervous situation being pulled over, but learning the person who pulled you over was a fake cop makes it even worse! That's exactly what happened to Layla Williams of Tyler, Texas who was pulled over with her 6 week old son in the car by what she thought was an unmarked police car off Hwy 110 just south of Tyler.

Layla said on her now viral Facebook post the way he was dressed and his beard made her think right off the bat that things were a little weird. Then his extremely personal questions threw up more red flags, Layla posted that "He asked my name, how old I was, where I lived and where I was headed and was anyone expecting to meet me there."

KETK spoke with Andy Erbaugh, from the Tyler Police Department who told them "if you're pulled over the person should: number one have red and blue lights, number two have uniform, and number three identify themselves by their name and their agency."

The man who pulled her over is still on the loose and is described as a 6ft white male with a beard and balding hair. At least one other lady has said online that something similar happened to her but police haven't confirmed if the events are related.

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