A tipsy pop is in hot water after reportedly allowing his 10-year-old son to act as his designated driver. (Yes, you read that right.) Even worse, we’ve seen this sort of  thing before.

On Sunday morning, Oregon State Police noticed a SUV driving erratically. After they pulled the vehicle over, they discovered a child at the wheel and 34-year-old Jose Torres in the passenger seat, apparently intoxicated. According to cops, Torres had a blood alcohol level almost three times the legal limit.

The boy is now with his mother and the case has been referred to child protective services. Torres, meanwhile, maintains that his son was never in any danger and he was simply trying to fulfill the boy’s desire to drive. (Oh, see? He was just trying to be a cool dad. That explains it.)

According to prosecutors, Torres doesn’t have a valid driver’s license and has been arrested for DUI at least four times previously. Well, that explains the joyride with a pint-sized driver.

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