This story has broken me down several times and I'm sure it's had the same effect on many others... This beautiful little girl is Kayla Gomez and tragically she was taken from us allegedly by a family member. She was kidnapped at her church and later found deceased in a well after a week long search in East Texas. Thousands of people helped the family search surrounding areas and national news had everyone on high alert looking for Kayla.

Having a daughter of my own my heart goes out to the Family and all of the first responders/volunteers who have been working this case. I've held my daughter and cried reading the story throughout the investigation. My wife worked with her older brother, Brandon's son went to school with her and the entire community has seen Kayla as their own and felt the pain of this loss.

The City of Tyler is asking for donations so that they can place a tree with a plaque in memory of Kayla at The Children's Park in Tyler. KLTV Reports that "The city says they have spoken with Kayla’s family and will let them pick out a tree and will also allow them to write their own message on the plaque. The city says they need about $2,500 to accomplish the goal."

Checks can be made out to the City of Tyler with in the memo: For Kayla's Tree or CLICK HERE for a link to donate online!

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