I've been a deer hunter all of my life and though I've made note that things are more expensive with our sport than years ago, I never realized just how much more expensive.

And now that the situation has been fully explained to me, I'm a little nervous to go the deer camp on the weekends for fear that my bride is plotting revenge at a local mall.

See, I'm continually proving to myself that I'm not the smartest man.  In fact, there are times when I'm totally ignorant and this was one of those times.

With deer season ramping up now, I should have known that the timing of a discussion about my wife's recent shopping extravaganza couldn't be held at a worse time.  (Note to self: When that little voice in your head tells you to shut up - Listen to it!)

Julie, my wife, had just returned from an all-day trip picking up the items she wanted to re-do the look in our kitchen and the main bathroom at the house.  And this is where I opened my pie hole and proved just how truly stupid I am.  I began to complain about the cost.

That's when she lit into me like a starving dog on a sausage biscuit.  “Well, what about your deer hunting?” she said.  My reply was one I thought to be logical.  “My deer hunting helps out on the grocery bill”.

She then explained to me how illogical my thinking really was.  “Oh, it helps on the grocery bill?  Well, let’s do the math on that.”

  • Your hunting license and the ones for our younger boys  - $200
  • Your deer lease fees - $1000
  • Automatic Deer Feeders - $600
  • Corn for the feeders - $200
  • The seeds and fertilizer for your food plots - $300
  • 4 deer rifles (remember we’ve got 3 sons) - $3,000
  • Ammunition - $200
  • The new 4 wheeler - $7,000
  • New deer stands - $1,000
  • Deer processing for 6 deer - $500
  • Camouflage clothing and boots for everybody - $1,500
  • Gas for back and forth to the camp for the season - $500
  • Groceries while you’re at the camp - $500

“So, if we get 250 pounds of venison from those 6 deer then we’re averaging nearly $66 a pound! And that’s for “in state” deer….let’s not even discuss the years you hunted all over God’s creation.”  (Told you I should have listened to that little voice)

It was then that I truly proved my ignorance and I said, "66 a pound huh?  Sounds like it's about the same price as those high heels you just bought."

The doctor says the vision in my left eye should return in a couple of weeks.


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