As demand for state childcare assistance rises, the Department of Education announces beginning July 1, new applicants will be placed on a waiting list.

Assistant superintendent of early childhood development Jenna Conway says the federally funded Childcare Assistance Program offers subsidies for working families to choose a childcare provider.

“It helps families across the state be able to go to work or to attend school, higher education, community college, job training, by helping them afford childcare,” Conway said.

Conway says 18,000 Louisiana children ages birth to five participate in the program. The program grew exponentially when DOE lowered the work threshold for families to qualify, from 30 to 20 hours a week. She adds as more people go to work, they will need consistent childcare.

“Our Louisiana economy has continued to grow. We’ve got significant job gains in the last year and lower unemployment rates, and as a result this program has now dramatically increased,” Conway said.

Conway says unfortunately, the program is underfunded to sustain this kind of growth, which is why the date-based waitlist is necessary. She says applications will be processed until June 30 and encourages families to apply now.

“For those families that are eligible and on the waitlist, we will continue to stay in touch with them, and they’ll be eligible to stay on the waitlist for up to a year. If the funding becomes available, we’ll let them know immediately,” Conway said.

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