The Shreveport Police are searching for a man caught on video stealing from Victoria’s Secret inside of St Vincent Mall at 1133 St Vincent Avenue. We get it bras are expensive. A good bra that offers support and that can last awhile is hard to come by. When there's a great bra sale you should always jump on it. Do keep in mind there is a huge difference when it comes to "That bra sale was a steal!" compared to "Those bras were stolen." Clearly, the struggle is real for this man. Is he too embarrassed to shop for bras? Did he think that maybe if he stole a bunch he might find his perfect cup size? Sorry sir, crime doesn't pay. Here is how the bra shopping experience is supposed to work, you awkwardly ask someone to measure you (make sure they work for the store and you don't approach a random person shopping alongside you), after you have gotten awkwardly close with a stranger you find out your size, pick out the perfect bra, and then pay for it in the store and eat ramen for the rest of the week like the rest of us! Do you know who this bra thief might be? If so, you could put some cash in your pocket!

Check out the in-store video and if you recognize this man call Shreveport Caddo Crime Stoppers because they are offering a cash reward if you can help them identify and make sure this person is caught. You can call 318-673-7373, or go to

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