Dr. John Vanchiere from Shreveport's LSU Health talks about the COVID booster vaccination, who needs it and where and when it's available.

Vanchiere first explains who in need of another dose right now. "Booster shots are recommended for individuals who are moderate to severe immune-compromised," he begins, "That's going to include folks who've had an organ transplant - kidney, liver, heart, lung - that's going to include folks who've had a bone marrow transplant in the past two years, patients with HIV, patients with some auto-immune diseases that are on biologic therapies like Crohn's Disease, Lupus, things like that."

Here's what Dr. Vanchiere told KEEL:

LSU Health Shreveport will begin administering the third dose (booster) vaccines starting Wednesday from 10am to 6pm, Monday through Friday at 2627 Linwood Avenue (the former Chevyland location).Third doses will be administered based on CDC guidelines and recommendations by the Louisiana Department of Health.

"The boosters that are recommended are either the Pfizer or Moderna, "Vanchiere says, citing statistics that the Johnson & Johnson single dose vaccine isn't as effective as the mRNA shots, "It's the same vaccine, same dose, just like the second dose, you're going to get a third dose of the same thing. We're only using the Pfizer and Moderna as boosters, not Johnson & Johnson."

More booster vaxx details from LSU Health Shreveport:

In an effort to minimize wait times, it is suggested that those seeking the third dose of the vaccine do so based on the following schedule. Last name begins with letters: A– F should get third vaccine on Tuesday, August 17 G-L should get third vaccine on Wednesday, August 18 M-S should get third vaccine on Thursday, August 19 T-Z should get third vaccine on Friday, August 20.

If you are unable to come on suggested date, please feel free to come when you are available. Appointments are not required for third dose of vaccine.

For more details on the COVID booster vaccine availability, information and schedules, JUST CLICK HERE!

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