I love a good legend especially this time of the year! One legend that I didn't know much about but is considered notorious in Louisiana is the legend of The Vampire Comte de Saint Germain, according to Thrillist.

The legend is that this vampire would terrorize the women in New Orleans.

Now, Comte de Saint Germain was an actual person who actually lived. He was born in the early 1600s. He studied alchemy, knew six different languages, and was very social. According to Thrillist, he had a lot of famous friends including King Louis XV, Catherine the Great, Casanova and Voltaire. Also, Voltaire called him "a man who never dies". Now this could mean that Voltaire believed Comte de Saint Germain would live on forever in history, or he is a straight up vampire.

According to Parajunkee, Saint Germain seemed to never age and would joke that he is over a hundred years old. Vampire Flag #1! He would also go to several dinner parties but never eat and only drink wine. Vampire Flag #2! He supposedly died in a castle in Germany on February 27, 1784. However, the only thing that proves that is a piece of paper and nothing else. Vampire Flag #3! Even though he "died" he was still seen all over Europe for decades, and even was documented attending parties and in letters written by credible historical figures. Vampire Flag #4!

So you are probably wondering how he got to New Orleans if he died in Germany in 1784. Stay with me on this. We are getting there.

In his first appearance in New Orleans was around 1902 where he hosted a party for the high society members. He is said to have offended the elite group because he liked to party too much. Hmm... Interesting. Then police started searching him because a woman claimed he attacked her and tried to bite her neck with inhuman strength. Vampire Flag #5! He then vanished when police called him down to the station to give a formal station. He was never seen again... (insert spooky sound here) Police did search for him. Parajunkee noted that the police found "not one piece of food in the house. Not even utensils or plates, just a large collection of wine glasses and wine bottles filled with what police believed to be red wine, yet upon taste discovered it was a mixture of blood and wine." Vampire Flag #6!

This is where things get weird. Richard Chanfray is a french "celebrity" who claimed that he was Saint Germain in the 70s. He apparently gave this statement on television then turned lead into gold... Chanfray committed suicide in 1983. Some say that he faked his suicide and still lives on today, according to Parajunkee.

Nonetheless, the legend is unique and strange. And honestly, who doesn't love a good vampire story this close to Halloween.


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