I have often fallen into weird dark holes on the internet, but this one was unsettling to say the least. I was watching my true crime documentaries, like I do, and it got me thinking... Have there been any cults in Louisiana? You know, a normal question someone would ask themselves. So I looked into it. I found one crazy story!

Apparently back in 1912, in Lafayette, there was a group of people that called themselves The Church of the Sacrifice who thought that through sacrifice they could gain "riches and immortality" according to Psychology Today.

No one knew that this cult was axing families until until 1912, but a string of similar murders that are thought to be linked to the Church of the Sacrifice goes back to 1909. Police started finding families dismembered in their home while they were in bed asleep.

Police started to gather suspects, and ended up pinpointing Raymond Barnabet. His children would go on to rat him out, including his daughter Clementine (remember that name).

Even though Raymond was in jail... the murders continued. During further investigation of the Barnabet household, police found blood all over Clementine's bedroom. She was arrested soon after. The murders continued, according to Mental Floss.

In Lake Charles, a family was massacred that changed the view of the entire case. On the walls of the family's home the bible verse “When he maketh the inquisition for blood, he forgetteth not the cry of the humble" was signed by the "Human Five". That isn't the creepy part! The family that was murdered had little sticks in their hands that spread out their fingers.


It would be Clementine Barnabet to confess everything. She told authorities that she was a high priestess for The Church of Sacrifice. She confessed to 17 murders. However over time that 17 would turn to 35 then to 40 (7 families total).

The rest members of the cult were never revealed and the case remains a mystery today.

(The facts and information found on this case are all linked to Mental Floss and Psychology Today)

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