This time of year it's getting colder and the closer we get to the holidays, most of us are feeling the giving spirit. However, a video on Facebook has gone viral, showing panhandlers in Shreveport getting out of what appears to be an expensive vehicle and going out to hold signs on area roadsides. They've reportedly been going to the traffic light near the Walmart on Pines Road where this video was shot. As you can see below in the video, they have a dog with them and have also been seen with kids.

Please don't let this video kill your giving spirit because there are still a lot of people truly in need and many amazing charities that are great to donate to. I would even encourage donating food, coats and blankets to panhandlers, especially during these cold months!

Local homeless charities you can donate to include Providence HouseShreveport Bossier Rescue Mission, Hope House and many more.


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