Surveillance video actually filmed in 2012 at a Mississippi daycare has resurfaced and gone viral on Facebook over the last few days and it's shocking horror accounts for the lion share of interest.

The video, released by the Vicksburg Police Department in July 2012, filmed at Kiddie City Childcare Center in Vicksburg, Mississippi, clearly shows a nine year old boy's unchecked rage as he brutally punches, chokes, shakes and kicks two toddler aged little girls.  In one instance, only seconds after he choked a little girl, he's seen patting her on the back as she screams in pain.

In an interview with WLBT, Vinia Dolley, the boy's aunt, says the family is embarrassed by the attacks and the daycare should be shut down. She goes on to say, "He bad. He fight but he don't fight little babies. He do also have a problem. He take medicine every day and he just a normal child."

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