I love a good ghost story and I found one on WFAA out of Dallas. This is the tale of Linda Hill’s rental property in Gainesville, Texas. She and her hubby own several rental homes, but she could not keep a tenant in this home on Denton Street north of the DFW Metroplex.

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What Was the Problem at this Haunted House?

Folks kept telling her the place was haunted and these were not your regular, run of the mill ghosts. Nope. These were ghosts that liked things a little risqué.

Hill told the tv station  the home has been “like a revolving door. The longest anyone stayed in this house was six months.” She discovered the problem one day when she decided to take a shower at the house and she heard a voice say “looking good” while she was in her birthday suit.

She thought it was her hubby, but he swore to her it was not.

What Is the Back Story of This Haunted House?

It was built back in the 1840’s and was rumored to be a bordello way back in those days. Hill says the ghosts are pretty blunt. Several ghost hunters have checked the place out and have recorded the ghosts saying sexual things like “Oh baby, oh baby, yeah” and “I like it like that."

There’s another twist at this haunted place. Under the living room floor is a well. Some claim it’s a spiritual portal. But no one really knows for sure.

The TV station reports some psychics have reported seeing a dead man on the floor of a room near the portal and it’s been dubbed "the murder room."

The house is no longer for rent long term. But ghost hunters can rent it out to do investigations and see what you can discover.

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