Sometimes parents can be set on a name for their baby before something happens to change everything.

Your name is your identity. It's really the first gift your parents give you. For some parents-to-be, the naming of a child has been something they have been dreaming about forever. For others, it may take some time and a few name books before their find the perfect one. In some cases, that name changes spontaneously once the child is born.

Recently I saw pop artist Alessia Cara tweet about how her name would have been Spike if her father had her way. It was her mother who stepped in and chose Alessio. This reminded me of how my mother was set on the name Chad. After having two boys, she was sure that I was going to be a boy as well so there was no question that my name was going to be Chad.

Unfortunately, I ended up being a girl and she went with her second choice.

Of course, I'm pretty sure I could rock Chad just like Blake Lively rocks a Blake. I mean, that's technically a boy's name, right? It seems like these days, a name is a name and that's that.

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