Downtown Shreveport used to be home to Silver Lake and if you look close enough you can still imagine where it used to be. The main area of the lake was around where I-20  is now, with the south banks being located right around what is now Market Street.

According to KTBS the lake was formed because of the great raft log jam which when Captain Henry Shreve removed it changed the entire look of Shreveport. When the log jam was removed, so was the lake! Our friends from Twin Blends Photography shared pictures with us that they found in the LSUS Archives which you can see on the map below where the lake was located..

Downtown Shreveport Map

You can still see around I-20 where the land appears to drop that's where the lake bed use to sit according to LSUS History Professor Dr Gary Joiner. The only remaining part of the lake is a small creek called Silver Creek. For more details about the lake and other history about Shreveport check out the Spring Street Museum or LSUS Archives!

LSUS Archives and Twin Blends Photography