This film was the last thing I would have imagined Ryan Phillippe both writing and directing.

Back in 2014, there was a film that Ryan Phillippe put out called "Catch Hell." Don't worry if you haven't seen it because from what we can tell it was only shown in select theaters, and few film festivals, and across the U.S. along with Europe and Asia. The film is also known fondly as "Shreveport."

Because it takes place in Shreveport.

As the story goes, Ryan Phillippe plays a washed up Hollywood actor who finds himself working in Shreveport, Louisiana. On his way to work one day he is kidnapped. He is held in a hut located in a swamp where he is blackmailed and tortured. The men are somehow connected to his past.

The film stars Phillippe, but it was also written and directed by him. It was his directorial debut. It's a thriller and certainly not meant for the faint of heart.

Here's the trailer (this may be inappropriate for some):

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