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Due to a lot factors, one of the biggest debates locally is whether it's better to live in Shreveport or somewhere in Bossier Parish. Some people say Shreveport because of the sheer amount of things to do, culture, closeness to work. Others say Bossier Parish because of reduced crime statistics, better school districts and real estate value among other factors.

I personally can see both sides of the argument. But, what if I told you that you could have the best of both worlds and do both? Because I literally just discovered today that part of Shreveport actually is located in Bossier Parish.

I know when I think about Shreveport, I think about it being in Caddo Parish. But, the truth is, there's chunks of the city that run across Bossier Parish lines. While there's very little information about what parts of the city are located in Bossier Parish and what parts aren't. But, if you look at a Google Map for Bossier Parish (the redline is the boundaries), you can see several areas where the Parish boundaries extend into the City of Shreveport, especially in the area close to the Downtown Airport. There's also a big area of Shreveport in Bossier Parish near the Highland/Stoner Hill area.

Google Maps
Google Maps

In fact, there separate Shreveport City Council Districts are located in Bossier Parish. Don't believe me? Here's the Bossier Parish voting results from the December 8th 2018 Shreveport Mayoral election. As you can see, Bossier Parish residents just didn't get to vote on the race between (then) Mayor Ollie Tyler and (now) Mayor Adrian Perkins. Some also got to cast votes in the District A, B, and C races for the Shreveport City Council. Just take a look.

Secretary of State - BP 2018

If you REALLY break out all the data, there are 5 precincts in Bossier Parish for the City of Shreveport. Most of which are located on or around the Barksdale Boulevard area of town. Pretty crazy, right?

I know I've lived here most of my life and had NO CLUE this was a thing!

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