Do you think you would win a foot race against Kevin Hart?

I'm a big fan of Kevin Hart. I think he is very spirited, driven and hilarious. So when I saw this video posted earlier this month on The LSU Logo's Twitter, I had to share it.

I can't be entirely sure, but it looks like the LSU Track & Field team outside of their hotel and decided to do the unthinkable... Challenge one of the runners to a race. One girl was brave enough to take on the challenge and it sounds like she bet her scholarship on it. Unfortunately, she lost. Can you believe it?

And Kevin rubbed it in her face, big time.

There's only one thing worse than a sore loser and that's a a sore winner! Am I right? Guess, the Tigers will have to hit the gym a little bit harder next time. As for Kevin Hart? I guess he's got himself a full ride to LSU.

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