Break ups are not fun, obviously. However when that ex tries to poke their head back into your life- it is almost an insult. Well, to me at least.

eHarmony ran a survery where they asked more than 4,000 adults if they had ever received text messages from their ex during the holidays, according to Huffington Post.

'Designer for Tomorrow' Backstage - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Spring/Summer 2016
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The act is called Marleying, according to Huffington Post. It gets its name from the story "A Christmas Carol". Marley was the Scrooge's late business partner. You know the one who was super greedy and passed away then Scrooge was visited by him as the ghost of Christmas past.

So if you heard from that lingering ex who just wont get the idea that you have moved on- at least you now know what to call what he is doing. Tell that guy/chick to stop Marleying. Go ahead and ignore those Snapchats, awkward Facebook messages, and unanswered phone calls. You deserve better.


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