According the law of the land all people are presumed innocent until proven guilty. It does appear as though the court of public opinion has already made up its mind about the guilt or innocence of Cardell Hayes. Hayes is the man that was arrested in connection with the death of former New Orleans Saints player Will Smith.

The attorney for Hayes says he has a witness that saw the incident between Smith and Hayes. John Fuller, the man tasked with defending Hayes, says the witness' testimony will vindicate his client.

A witness that I have saw untoward activity and has become fearful and communicated with me this morning that she does not want to testify publicly, but she will make her statement...she will record her statement and give a written statement about what she witnessed.

Fuller's comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. He went on to say this witness claims to have seen Smith with a gun before he was shot.

Mr. Fuller also has some questions about the New Orleans Police Department crime scene investigation. In particular a question about the weapon that was recovered from Smith's vehicle. He is wondering why the weapon wasn't recovered the night of the shooting.

Where a man lost his life, a man who left three children behind that a gun supposedly isn't recovered until days after the incident and that's odd.

Fuller maintains that once all the evidence is out in the open that the truth will come out. In his mind that truth will reveal that his client will be found not guilty.