According to millennials are to blame when it comes to plummeting divorce rates in the U.S. Professor Philip Cohen from the University of Maryland analyzed marriages and the results are shocking. reported:

New data show younger couples are approaching relationships very differently from baby boomers, who married young, divorced, remarried and so on. Generation X and especially millennials are being pickier about who they marry, tying the knot at older ages when education, careers, and finances are on track. The result is a U.S. divorce rate that dropped 18 percent from 2008 to 2016.


Professor Philip Cohen claims that baby boomers are continuing to divorce at much higher rates compared to the generations before them. Cohen referred to this trend as "grey divorce". The divorce rate doubled for baby boomers ages 55 to 64 and tripled for Americans ages 65 and older. It's looking like millennials aren't rushing to the altar like the generation before them, in fact, fewer people are opting for marriage in America altogether. Cohen told

Marriage is more and more an achievement of status, rather than something that people do regardless of how they’re doing.

Who knew those Baby Boomers had such high divorce rates? It looks like Millenials aren't ruining everything after all.

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