We All Have Someone In Our Life Who Will Make Sure Their Order Is Right Every Time Right?

I have a friend who won't leave a drive-thru until all the meals are checked and all the sauces are in the bag. I have had to be the one to check the bag several times and when something is missing we are still there waiting for the staff to make the order right.

Leave It To a Dad to Return a Chicken Wing.

Have you ever felt like you were shorted by a restaurant? Maybe you've made it home and you see your 4 piece of chicken tenders looks more like a 2 1/2 count. It's infuriating, isn't it? Well, this dad on TikTok decided he needed to return a piece of chicken to the drive-thru because it was too small. The dad returns the small chicken wing that was part of his meal and said "at least give me two of them!". My favorite part is when the worker turns around bewildered. What is this employee thinking? I would be convinced that I was on some kind of reality show.

TikTok Users Started Commenting Supporting the Dad.

I figured more people would be in full support of the bewildered employee however many folks claimed they have also been frustrated with the size of the small wings offered by Popeye's one commenter said "I got the two-piece deal on Tuesday and they have me two small pieces I parked my car and went inside", this commenter wasted no time in going to get their replacement wings.

What Would You Do If You Got a Small Wing In Your Order?

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