Did you ever have to write in cursive?  It's a real question.  So many kids today consider it a lost language like sanskrit or whatever it is they are speaking in Lord of the Rings.

‘The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King’ (2003)
New Line - This language is universal - baby.

I did.  I was a cursive writing virtuoso before the machines crippled me.  Now, my handwriting is sloppy, and my spelling is even werse worst more terrible.   Seriously, if I'm not texting, messaging, or straight up typing on a keyboard - it looks like a doctor wrote it while pogo-sticking down I-20.

Personally, I would like to see this skill stick around if for no other reason than to teach today's kids how to sign their name and how to read ancient texts.  That might come up every now and again.

That's why it it gives me great pleasure to announce that cursive is making a comeback!  According to WDSU, Alabama and Louisiana are the latest of 14 states to require cursive writing proficiency.  Experts say that it is a faster way of taking notes, and helps students master sentence construction and spelling because they don't have to focus as much on forming letters.  Plus, if you ever find a treasure map - you'll be able to bathe in that sweet, sweet pirate gold!  I saw it in a documentary.

Warner Bros. Pictures' 'The Goonies'
Warner Bros. Pictures

What do you think?

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