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Since the start of the "Delta variant" (Indian variant) surge of COVID-19 in Louisiana, vaccinations have taken center-stage. Medical experts and politicians have both agreed that the only way around the state's current stage of the COVID pandemic is to get more people vaccinated, and fast.

COVID vaccines have been readily available in Louisiana, and the whole United States, for months now. Widespread access too, after months of restricting the vaccine access to those of certain age groups. Essentially, if you haven't been vaccinated right now, it's been your choice.

But that choice right now appears to be shifting as the "Delta variant" appears to be impacting demographics that were relatively untouched during the first 12 months of the pandemic. Mainly young people and the relatively healthy portion of middle aged residents. Those two groups seem to be severely impacted by this current COVID surge.

Actually, there's a more specific demographic that is dealing with this more than anyone. In fact, this demographic is making up nearly all of those hospitalized with COVID in the state right now. That is the unvaccinated.

The knowledge that this current surge is entirely made up of the unvaccinated appears to be sinking in for Louisiana as well. Especially in Northwest Louisiana, because COVID vaccine rates are increasing as well.

According to Louisiana Department of Health Region 7 Director, Dr. Martha Whyte, local vaccination rates at LDH "pop up sites" increases over the last ten days have nearly doubled, with some days even seeing increases as high as 3-fold. That's just the community sites through LDH, not including private pharmacies in the area. Though it would be reasonable to expect those pharmacies to see the same level of increases.

Dose that mean that those results fix the state's issues right away? No. Some of these vaccines are two dose vaccines, with weeks between doses. However research has shown that there is some protection even after just the first dose, so benefits could happen quickly, but there's still a long way to go in the state.

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