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For the first time, COVID-19 vaccination doses administered has surpassed the total number of confirmed COVID cases.

As of data through yesterday (Monday, February 1st), 26.5 million Americans had received at least one dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna COVID vaccines, while the data shows there have been 26.3 million positive COVID tests in America. The data appears to now be fully moving in two different directions from this point of intersection.

While COVID-19 cases have been dropping steadily since January 8th, while the amount of COVID vaccine doses have been increasing daily. In fact, COVID vaccination doses have skyrocketed from 6.69 million doses on January 8th to more than 32 million by February 1st.

At this point, the United States has have begun administering COVID vaccine doses faster than any other country. The current rate is above 1.34 million doses per day, and is increasing every day. This rate will increase as the Federal Government starts to push more and more vaccine to an increasingly number of locations. It has now been announced that the government will start shipping vaccines straight to local and retail pharmacies, giving more people easier access to shots.

Now that the rollout is passed the national false starts, states are getting slightly better at keeping their vaccination plans rolling. Even though there are still some slow downs and cancelations at the state and local level, it appears that the kinks in the system are being worked out, and we have officially turned the corner.

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