This debate promises to get heated. Who should and shouldn't be in the Country Music Hall of Fame? The topic is more divisive than bro country.

The 11 should-be-inductees we've chosen for this episode of This List include one major head-scratcher and at least two who only dominated for a short amount of time — but man, did they ever dominate. This is your friendly reminder that Hank Williams, Jr., is not in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Sure, he doesn't play nice and kiss butts, but dang does he ever have the resume for it!

Five women are on our list of singers who should be enshrined in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Historically females have struggled to get in (none since 2012), but we can make a strong case for Dottie West, the Judds and more. Should Shania Twain be in the Hall of Fame? You can weigh in on that in the comments section below.

Even our list of snubs includes a few snubs. Perhaps you think we're even a little too gracious to artists like John Denver and Kenny Chesney. Each episode of This List is a conversation starter and we welcome civilized feedback. Then be sure to subscribe, because if you think this topic is hot, wait until you see what's coming in the weeks to come!

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