It's been a few years since it was time to "Play Ball" in Shreveport at Fair Grounds Field but there's a new push to change that. The stadium or Fairgrounds Field was home to the Shreveport Captains were sold and moved to Frisco, Texas. Social media has been going crazy recently with people trying to save the stadium before it's to late.

Lee O. Savage who is running for mayor of Shreveport posted on his Facebook that a friend of his has received a bid to get rid of the bat problem that is currently haunting the stadium. Many people are seeing the removal of the bats as a sign that new life might be coming back to the beloved stadium... Which makes me super excited! But with the bats and the other issues in the stadium it might be an uphill battle.

There's currently a petition with almost 2,000 signatures with the goal to "Save Fair Grounds Field"!

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