Over the past week or so, there has been a lot of talk about Vince McMahon and his new company Alpha Entertainment. Earlier in the week, a statement was issued by the WWE that Alpha is separate from the WWE and is a company seeking numerous opportunities in the sports and entertainment worlds. It was also released that Alpha had filed for numerous trademarks related to defunct football leagues including the XFL and UFL.

Also, according to an SEC report that was released Thursday, Vince McMahon just sold 3.34 million shares of WWE stock for a 105 MILLION dollars. So, the question is, what is Vincent Kennedy McMahon up to?

There are a LOT of theories online. Some believe Vince is getting ready to retire. Others believe he's about to either create a new football league or restart the XFL. However, I don't believe any of those are accurate.

I believe that Vince is getting ready to buy the Carolina Panthers. I know this sounds crazy, but stick with me. Before creating the XFL, Vince was interested in buying the Minnesota Vikings but things just didn't pan out there. He's originally from North Carolina. And, for legal reasons, the owner of the Panthers needs to sell the team in a hurry and Vince literally has briefcases of cash ready to go.

No matter what Vince is planning with his new Alpha Entertainment Company, I have a feeling it is going to be huge. And it doesn't sound like we're going to have to wait long to see what the Chairman is up to either. Many sources including ESPN are reporting that Vince will be making a huge announcement on January 25th.

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