Political analyst Royal Alexander takes a look at the latest news regarding the Trump campaign election challenges and if, in the end, the Supreme Court will be making the final decision when it comes to Election 2020.

"There are several instances that are the bases for the legal challenges," Alexander begins, "Most importantly Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan - those three are the biggest ones."

He then explains the problems with the vote counting in those states. "Most state laws require election observers to be allowed to be within a few feet of the counting of ballots. You need to be able...to tell if the ballot was signed correctly, when it was dated, whether it was sealed in the envelope correctly. And observers have been kept away in several states. That's the basis for one of the challenges.

Alexander then speculates that a number of Trump legal challenges could end up going to the Supreme Court, who, following the Constitution, could send the final decision to the House of Representatives.


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