There is a new Tiger at LSU, but University officials are quick to say he doesn't have the job as Mike VII just yet.

LSU students are now moving onto campus to get ready for the fall semester.

The adorable “Harvey,” arrived on campus Aug. 15 and is currently being housed in the night house of the tiger habitat. The 11-month-old, male tiger must be quarantined for at least one week so that he can be observed by LSU veterinarians to ensure that he is healthy and a good fit for LSU.

If the doctors say give him the green light, "Harvey" will be formally introduced as the new mascot. Until that time, he is not Mike VII.

While he is at the night house, Harvey will be acclimating to his new surroundings and the climate. He will not be on view to the public.

This information was released on the Mike the Tiger Website:

Harvey was donated to LSU from a sanctuary in Okeechobee, Fla., called “Wild at Heart Wildlife Center.” Mikes IV, V and VI were also donated to LSU from rescue facilities. LSU has not purchased a tiger since Mike III in 1958, and LSU does not support the for-profit breeding of tigers. By providing a home for a tiger that needs one, LSU hopes to raise awareness about the problem of irresponsible breeding and the plight of tigers kept illegally and/or inappropriately in captivity in the U.S.

You can follow Mike on facebook (, Twitter (@mikethetiger) and Instagram (@mikethetiger_lsu).



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