Did you know that if you are a convicted felon who was convicted of drug-related crimes you can't get assistance from the state for a year following your release? A bill headed to the Louisiana House of Representatives floor hopes to change that.

No, not to make the penalty stiffer. These changes would make it possible for those convicted of this kind of crime to jump off the prison handout train and on to the main line of doing nothing.

Are you kidding me?

Pardon me for thinking that if you are convicted of a felony involving drugs that you should be able to get the same free ride as some able bodied person who is just lazy? That can't be good for the self-esteem of the lazy people. I don't think they'd like to be thought of in the same way as felony drug dealers.

When the one year ban was originally imposed it was supposed to be a deterrent. A deterrent to drug crimes. Wait a minute, I can't get food stamps if I commit a drug crime? Oh mercy, let's not ruin the lives of others with drugs then. We might have to go get a real job and pay taxes instead of lounging around are homes enjoying our state sponsored medical care while talking on our free cell phones.

One representative who supports lifting the ban suggested that the deterrent simply didn't work.  I bet most of us could have figured that one out long before the original idiotic legislation was passed.

This worse edition of bad legislation will now go before the entire Louisiana House. Let's hope our legislature isn't high on goofballs when the time comes to vote. Supporting drug dealers, lazy people, and people who want a  handout. I can't imagine why our state has no money.

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