Barksdale Air Force Base has been conducting a controlled burn since mid-morning today, and it's created some concern all over Shreveport and Bossier.

With the drought we've been experiencing, local leaders have been issuing burn-bans for Parish after Parish in our area, and counties all over East Texas and Southern Arkansas. Additionally, national coverage of the wildfires in the Western US have everyone showing heightened concern.

So when clouds of smoke and haze covered portions of Bossier and Downtown Shreveport, people became obviously concerned. Social media flooded with questions and assumptions. But we now have an answer.

But the folks at Barksdale tell KEEL News that expect to have the burn done this afternoon.

We will keep you up to date if that news changes, or if plans expand in the coming hours. But for now, you can let everyone know that there is currently no wildfire locally, and we have nothing to worry about when it comes to the haze.

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