You don't need me to convince you that dealing with laundry isn't fun. No one has ever said "I love laundry! Please, give me more sheets to fold." No one says that! No one wakes up every morning thinking about washing and folding towels. If you do... Well, I have sad news. There is a company that says that their clothes don't need washing. I am sure you have to fold it, but this could mean no more laundry!

According to the Good News Network, Organic Basics, a danish clothing company, infuses their clothes in silver so you never have to wash them. Apparently they use "low-concentration recycled silver chloride". This is the same compound that NASA uses on the International Space Station to purify water which can kill 99.9% of bacteria.

Yay, Science! This company needs a metal, trophy, or a ribbon! If they are saying that this is could do away with laundry then they deserve an award.

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