There's a lot of difficulties that come along with going to college but by far the hardest is paying back those student loans which for some can be over $100,000! Vice reports that some graduates are running off to Europe to avoid their debt. While this is obviously not the best decision those that are making the jump across the sea will likely never face any consequences unless they try and move back or work for an American company.

Now if you move to another country to avoid loans but your family cosigned on your student loans then they will be held accountable.

Pick your school wisely when going to college that 4 year private university isn't your only choice there's always the option of trade schools or community college instead of taking out all those loans. But if you do decide to go remember that college is a choice and you're choosing to pay it back. Debt Dodging is running away from your responsibilities and usually just pushing your problems onto someone else.

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