It's been cold this week in the Ark-La-Tex but it's still been over 100 degrees warmer than the coldest town on earth. Oymyakon is a town in Russia just on the edge of Siberia and on Tuesday of this week it's reported that the temperatures reached -88 degrees. Crazy enough that's not a record for the town which has reached -108 degrees! This Russian town is the coldest town on earth where people can actually live.

Oymyakon isn't the coldest place on earth, that title belongs to Antarctica which has dropped to a recorded -128 before.

The average winter temps in Oymyakon is around -40 degrees which is absolutely insane to me! From December 1st-March 1st it's reported that the temps do not usually get above 0 degrees.

By the way, this weekend, the Ark-La-Tex will be getting close to 70 degrees... I'll take that anyday over living in Siberia!

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