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I'm pretty sure I was born for the job of giving away other people's money, and thanks to Notini's Italian Restaurant, we're getting to do that again with the Kiss Country Secret Sound Contest.  


We've been playing the latest Secret Sound for a few days now and since no one has yet to unlock the puzzle and tell us what it is, we'll continue to give a new clue to its identity every weekday until we get a winner.

Course this Secret Sound is worth $800 so it certainly behooves you to play along and try to win that money! Just listen to Kiss Country 93.7 every even numbered hour each weekday beginning at 6:00 am and going all the way through the 2:00 pm hour.  The specific times are at 6:15 am, 8:10 am, 10:30 am, 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm.

When we play, be the 9th caller at 320-KISS (320-5477), correctly identify the sound, and win $800 cash!

And here is Clue #2 for Tuesday, May 12: Surf and turf

In case you missed the first clue that was given yesterday, we've got it listed below:

Clue #1 for Monday, May 11: Metal meets wood.

Weird Shreveport Laws

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