Being a garage sale buyer is pretty straightforward. It's the garage sale seller that needs the advice not only on sale day but before and after the crowds are gone. Here are some interesting ideas to help you get rid of the clutter in  your life.

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    Never Have A Maybe Pile

    You either want it or you want to get rid of it.  The answer is either yes or no. If you haven't used it in a while or you had to stop and consider the answer to this question. Get rid of it. 

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    Use Recycling Websites

    There are sites online like that you can post your items and someone will come and get it. They pay nothing for the item. You pay nothing to have them haul it away. It's all about freeing up your  space right?

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    Every community has a Goodwill or other not for profit used goods center. Many of these organizations will come pick up the bigger items. They make dropping off other items easy too,plus you will get a tax deduction. You just need to make a general list of the items in each bag

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    Thrift Store ThinkStock

    Put It On The Curb

    The simple act of carrying items to the curb will attract "shoppers" like you wouldn't believe. I would put my stuff out on a Saturday when the garage sale shoppers are already out. I have had more success just by putting items on the curb than any other method of disposal.

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    Ken Romero

    Throw It Away

    There are some family members you will have to send away for ice cream when  you do this. Sometimes just throwing non-used and non-wanted items can be very freeing. Let's hope you got your money's worth so parting at the landfill or other sanctioned disposal site won't be too painful.