Caddo Parish leaders are moving forward with a measure that would put a new mask mandate in place.

The move is led by Commission President Lyndon Johnson who says the group has to do something to try to stop the spread of the potentially deadly virus.

This ordinance, which will face a final vote at the Commission meeting Thursday, would require masks at businesses in the parish where there are more than 50 people. It would affect only those in rural (unincorporated) areas of Caddo Parish.

But KEEL listeners erupted upon hearing of the idea of a possible mask return and didn't hesitate to criticize the idea of going back to last year's restrictions, backing up a point by KEEL's Greg Atoms that it is scientifically unproven that masks should be required for those vaccinated. Atoms said that the Commission move is "political performance art."

"Greg Atoms is 100% right! Mask mandates are irrelevant when you have a vaccine. What we should have been doing since February was coordinating vaccination."

"The Caddo Commission claims a public health pandemic allows them to keep meeting via ZOOM. It gives them an excuse to meet from home."

"This is all about fear and setting the stage for election fraud once again."

"We are in the middle of a pandemic and people aren't being vaccinated. But we shouldn't say that if you're in a place of business you just wear a mask in the hope that we won't lock down again? We are in early surge and it will get worse if we don't move forward with doing what's right."

"I recently found out that hospitals can bill the government for payment if a patient is uninsured and the primary diagnosis is COVID. I don't doubt that COVID is real and hospitalization is requires, but I do question how often COVID is the primary diagnosis for financial purposes? It also brings into question the hospital's claim that they're overrun with COVID patients. At the end of the day, it's all a numbers game for financial gain."

"I would like to request that my commissioner recant his vote for the mandatory mask. It’s a well known fact that the mask do nothing to stop the spread of the virus. And I would strongly suggest, unless you want to wear a mask, that everyone go down to the Commissioner meeting or email your Commissioner with your objection to mandatory mask!"

"You can't force people to do this!"

To contact your Caddo Commissioner and give your opinion on the reinstitution of COVID mask mandates, JUST CLICK HERE!

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