Chris Stapleton has selected "Millionaire," from his newest album, From A Room: Volume 2, as his next single. Readers can press play above to hear the track, which will officially go for adds at country radio on April 23.

Written by Kevin Welch and produced by Stapleton and Dave Cobb, "Millionaire" is an acoustic guitar-driven track that keeps things simple: Although the rest of Stapleton's band comes in after the song's first few lines to make the melody a bit more lush, the focus remains on Stapleton's voice, and his wife Morgane's harmonies.

"Love is more precious than gold / Can't be bought, and it can't be sold," the Stapletons sing in the chorus of "Millionaire." "I've got love, enough to spare / That'd make me a millionaire."

The lyrics of "Millionaire" tell all about how, no matter how much monetary wealth you have, the love in your heart and the love of another make you rich: "When my pockets are empty and my cupboard is bare / I still feel like a millionaire." The song is the title track of singer-songwriter Welch's 2002 album.

"Millionaire" is the lead track on From A Room: Volume 2, Stapleton's second record of 2017; From A Room: Volume 1 dropped on May 5, and Volume 2 debuted on Dec. 1. The project features nine tracks, seven of which were co-written by Stapleton; in addition to "Millionaire," the other non-Stapleton-penned song is “Friendship," originally sung by Pops Staples and written by Homer Banks and Lester Snell.

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