UPDATE: New data is continuously added to the scorecard. So the scores of parishes will change with new information. Check the most updated scorecard here. 

During the COVID-19 outbreak in Louisiana, the term "flattening the curve" has been used often to describe the overall effort to combat the outbreak. Governor John Bel Edwards has talked about it every time he has addressed the public. The measures put in place by the Governor, including closing Educational Facilities, closing casinos, shutting down Non-essential businesses, and issuing a stay at home order.

All of these efforts have been put in place in an attempt to reduce the influx of patients who will need hospitalization from the disease. It is also in an effort to reduce the amount of ICU beds and ventilators that would be needed at one specific time.

But not everyone has been open to following the "stay at home" guidelines put in place by the Governor. Which is why the Shreveport Police, along with other departments around the state, have started heavier enforcement of the guidelines. Now we have a little bit on insight into the way the public has embraced the guidelines.

The company Unacast gathers and tracks cell phone GPS data, and has now put together a "scoreboard" for COVID-19 guidelines. What they're doing is taking the available data, which comes from millions of cell phones, and putting it against the general "shelter in place" quarantine guidelines that many states have put in place.

In the state of Louisiana, here are the Top 5 Parishes who are complying:

1. Orleans Parish
2. Jefferson Parish
3. St. Bernard Parish
4. East Baton Rouge Parish
5. Sabine Parish

These grades are done on an A, B, C scale. So with that grading in mind, Caddo, Bossier, and De Soto Parishes are all getting a C grade, while Webster and Bienville Parishes are getting D grades. The best in our region are Red River and Sabine Parishes, who are both getting Bs.

Photo - Unacast.com
Photo - Unacast.com

In the state, the worst grades, Fs, belong to Natchitoches, Iberville, St. Martin, Tensas, West Baton Rouge Parishes.

The data measures all of the states against each other as well, with New York, Nevada, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan, Colorado, Vermont, Alaska, Rhode Island Washington, Connecticut, and California all leading the way. The top states all have A grades.

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