Halloween is fast approaching so it's time to make plans for how you'll celebrate. Trick or treating, scary movies, haunted houses or party the night away they'll be a lot of options all over the area for you to pick from. How about partying with the fish at the Shreveport Aquarium at the 80s Prom Night: Fright for Your Right to Party!

Aquariums are usually known for educational trips with your kids or even sometimes a unique date idea but for one night only it'll be the party spot for both the living and the dead! Live music and karaoke as well as food, costume contest and cash bars scattered all over. The party will go Saturday, October 27th from 7pm-1am with tickets still available for $25 members and $30 non members.

Costumes are strongly encouraged but so far no word if the fish will be dressing up.

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