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I remember seeing an arial view of Shreveport years ago, before Google Maps even, and I was struck by how green we looked.  You probably don't notice as you're going through the course of your normal day, but Shreveport is really blessed in that respect.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Not only do trees add to the beauty of the area, but they are extremely beneficial.  According to

Trees play a critical role in creating healthier, safer, and more connected communities. They clean our air, filter our water, and even slow storm surge and flooding in our cities. Trees also provide shade and cool our cities by up to 10 degrees, which can help prevent heat-related deaths in urban areas.


I know I've done my part.  I've planted three trees in our yard, two different kinds of oak, and one red maple.  And if you'd like to plant a tree in your yard, you can get one free, courtesy of the Tree Giveaway, sponsored by Shreveport Green.


Shreveport Green/Facebook
Shreveport Green/Facebook


How Does it Work?

You're probably wondering what you need to do to get a free tree.  Here are some questions on the Shreveport Green Facebook page:

Diane Peppers Brown
Is it one of each tree or one tree per person? How does that work?
Bre Scott
How does all this work? Do I sign up or do I just show up? And does it cost anything?
Shreveport Green:
Bre Scott You just show up and there's no cost!
Jennifer Donner
Which variety of trees will be available?
Lauren LJ Jones
Jennifer Donner Live Oak, Shumard Oak, Red Maple, Bald Cypress, Magnolia

The Tree Giveaway starts at 9AM this Friday, March 17th in the parking lot of the Kroger's at 9484 Ellerbe Road.  Shovel not included!

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