Carrie Underwood could not keep her mouth shut during a recent game night with friends, and the results were hilarious. The country superstar and her husband saw some friends for a fun game of Speak Out, and she posted clips to social media for all to see.

Speak Out is a game in which the players all distort their mouths by inserting a large and somewhat uncomfortable-looking plastic mouthpiece, then attempt to speak an assigned phrase while the other participants try to guess what they are saying. Underwood and husband Mike Fisher played with a group of friends that included her best friend Ivey Childers and her husband, Mark Childers, who is Underwood's bass player and musical director, showing off the singer's loose, funny side.

In the clip above, which she posted to Instagram, Underwood attempts to say, "Pigs have proper manners," and she cannot keep from laughing non-stop as her friends offer up their guesses. They've got the first part right, but watch Underwood lose it as they toss out all manner of bizarrely hilarious theories as to the last word, including "stackers," "trappers," "antlers" and even "bananas" (what?!).

Underwood also shared a picture of herself holding a wine glass, posing with two of her friends with their Speak Out mouthpieces contorting their faces into odd grins, with the appropriate caption, "What the what?!" The players finished off the night with an equally funny group shot captioned "Good times," with Childers comically hooking her fingers into the corners of her mouth while Underwood gives a double thumbs-up.

The country superstar had a massive year in 2016 that included a string of hits from her Storyteller album, as well as a tour in the round with the most elaborate staging of her career to date. She says 2017 is likely to be less hectic, and from the looks of this, she really is taking it easy at the moment, taking some time to kick back.

“I think I’m gonna enjoy a little time with my family and then start writing, maybe, and just seeing what I’m ready to do,” she told E! News after the Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 8. “I don’t know. There’s no real plans.”

Of course, "no real plans" is a relative term. Underwood has just scored her 25th No. 1 hit with "Dirty Laundry," and she is slated to perform with Keith Urban at the 2017 Grammy Awards, which will broadcast live on Feb. 12 beginning at 8PM ET on CBS.

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