If I could travel back in time to give my self a little money making advice, I would have looked myself dead in the eye and said: "Sell your comics and buy stock in GermX.  Also, that container in the back of the fridge is not chocolate pudding, don't eat it."  I would probably be rich enough to build a small, self contained fortress that I could seal off from the world until this coronavirus scare passes over us, and I definitely wouldn't have this tummy ache.

Unfortunately, that is not the case and we are currently running out of hand sanitizer on store shelves across the country.  It's time to use what we learned in the first 5-6 seasons of AMC's The Walking Dead (the good part) and fend for ourselves.  According to CBS19, we can totally make our own hand santizer and possibly catch a buzz in the process.


Alcohol - You can get the plain old isopropyl stuff from Walmart. However, if you are just working with what you got - that vodka you have stashed away will do the trick.

Aloe Vera Gel - Luckily, you live in the south, where a sunburn is virtually guaranteed for someone that lives in your house.  You most likely have some of this on hand as well.

Essential oils - If you wanna get fancy and drop a couple of drops of these oils to fragrance it up - this is a good, but ultimately unnecessary option.

This is the fun part!  Grab a container (an old hand-soap pump will do great) and fill approximately a third of it with your alcohol.  If using vodka, some may spill in to a glass filled with cranberry juice nearby.  Do not be alarmed, this is common.  Fill the rest of the way with your aloe vera, drop in your optional essential oils and mix!  Presto, you made hand sanitizer (and a delicious drink).

Please protect yourself responsibly.

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