Nothing is more classic Halloween than the amazingness that is Candy Corn. But for some reason through the years more and more people seem to be hating on this beloved candy. Honestly, for myself it's hard to decide which I love more Candy Corn or Salted Pumpkin Seeds.

I'll eat an entire bag in one sitting and of course I savor it one color at a time so it lasts longer. By the way for my vegan and vegetarian friends out there most candy corn nowadays contain gelatin, AKA animal collagen so it's not vegetarian like normal corn. But as for why some people hate this amazing treat, I'll never truly understand. It's probably just the trend just like Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks.... And let's be real those are horrible!

A simple solution for anyone who has Candy Corn but refuses to eat it, well just bring them all to me! And if you hate Candy Corn you're wrong..

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