On the books in the great shaky state of California is a law that Louisiana's own U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) (and a bunch of other powerful politicians from the Bayou State) think is downright unfair to the Louisiana alligator industry.  If proposed bill AB 527 becomes a law, it would reverse a ban on alligator imports that currently in place until January 1, 2020. As it currently stands, companies that sell alligator products like meat for food and skin for items like shoes, belts, etc. can not import their products to California.

According to KALB, the Louisiana delegation spoke with officials with the California Assembly Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife urging them to consider lifting the ban.   They claim that the sale of alligator products would do more to help the species than harm it funds alligator conservation efforts.

If and when it passes, it invariably means a boost in the Louisiana economy.  Maybe bigger sales for Louisiana gator farms and cheaper prices on some crazy purple alligator boots on Rodeo Drive.  Everybody wins - except the gators.

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