With COVID-19 cases in Caddo Parish declining, schools will begin transitioning into more traditional in-person learning next month.

Following behind Bossier Parish's footsteps, Caddo Parish has announced their transition plans as we continue to see lower COVID numbers. While Bossier's transition into the traditional in-person school week kicked off last week, Caddo's transition isn't set to begin until October 5th.

Caddo will be taking a phase-in approach with middle schoolers beginning their new schedule on October 5th, and high schoolers following suit on October 19th. According to their press release, the staggered timeline provides Caddo leadership time to ensure all safety protocols are in place and can be adequately maintained with larger student populations on campus each day.

Caddo students can expect to be in class more under this new schedule, but it won't be 100% in-person yet. Both middle schoolers and high schoolers will go to class on campus from Monday-Thursday, but will attend school virtually on Fridays.

Dr. T. Lamar Goree, Superintendent of Caddo Schools, says, "We know every child is different and every family is different. With that in mind, we must remain cognizant that just as there are families that believe all children should be in school every day there are others who are uncomfortable with any in-person instruction until there is a vaccine available. Our charge as a school system is to provide a quality education to all families we serve that is directly informed by our medical community and what is safest for students and staff.”

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