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Though it's not new, the "Jury Scam" has returned to Caddo Parish.

Sheriff Steve Prator has warned all citizens to beware and vigilant in their watch for suspicious activity in the form of a phone call.

From what we have learned, a number of Caddo residents have recently been targeted by phone and threatened with arrest for failing to comply with jury service.

In a number of scenarios, potential victims are contacted with a phone call and informed that they have been flagged because they have recently been selected for jury service and never showed up for their civic duty.

It's at this point that the recipient is told that the only way they can avoid jail time is to purchase money cards and provide the number on the card to the caller.

Afterward, the victim is asked to mail the card (which by then is useless) to the Caddo Parish Courthouse.

Sheriff Prator reminds all citizens they will not receive jury notices over the phone. Citizens should go on high alert if they receive such a call or if the caller makes threats.

And most importantly, you will never be asked to purchase a money card or provide personal information over the phone.

Also, Prator said, never call a number provided by the scammer. Look up legitimate phone numbers for government offices if you have questions.

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