Multiple Shreveport Police units, and other first responders, are on the scene of a major accident in Downtown Shreveport.

According to police records, officers arrived on the scene just before 10am Monday morning. The accident took place at the intersection of Texas Street and Spring Street in Shreveport, at the base of the Texas Street Bridge.

Witnesses say that a pickup truck came through the intersection and collided with a moving bus. The bus was then pushed off the road and into the archway over the alley the runs underneath the Texas Street Bridge, that leads to the Red River District.

The archway appears to be the only thing that kept the bus from crashing into The Blind Tiger restaurant. Based on photos posted to social media, the bus looks to have come to a stop just feet away from the windows of the restaurant. During normal, non-quarantine times, the portion of the building the bus nearly collided with would feature tables and chairs for patrons.


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