There are some things many of us just won't dare to try. Burger King the home of the Whopper is making us all wonder what in the hippie is going on at their Burger King Headquarters.

According to a press release, Burger King will be releasing the Impossible Whopper. It's a vegetarian take on their best selling item on the menu. The Impossible Whopper trades out the delicious charbroiled meat for a plant-based patty.

The patty is said to be delicious and it mimics the look, taste, and texture of a Whopper. If you're tired of eating the traditional veggie burgers, the Impossible Whopper is intended to mimic the look, texture, and taste of a traditional Whopper.

Burger King YouTube

Burger King claims that after testing the new burger in St. Louis the plant-based burger is considered a hit among Burger King fans. According to an employee at Burger King on Pines Road in Shreveport, they still do now know when the Impossible Whopper will come to the Ark-La-Tex.

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